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Google Desktop Vana'Diel Clock Gadget

Ver1.20 (06.15.07 Updated. )

The introduction avaialble at Google : here.
Google Desktop is here.

A Google Gadget for Google Desktop. It shows the time and date on Vana'Diel (the world of Final Fantasy XI). It also displays the moon phase, and day. Time interval to show is customizable.

History :

Ver 1.20 (06.15.07) : refactored for the newer API(4). Features are not changed, but the interface is changed.

Ver 1.11 (03.02.06) : A minor bug is fixed.

Ver 1.101 (02.28.06): Some initialization bugs fixed.

Ver 1.10 (02.12.06): When the tile is minimized, the time is shown on the title.

Ver 1.00 : Initially released.