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Google Gadgets Livedoor Reader Notifier with Marisa Kirisame

Ver1.30 (11.11.06 Updated. )

Google Desktop Ver4 is availableHere.


This gadget doesn't work with Google Desktop Ver3 or earlier versions.

This is just a modification from Google Gadget Livedoor Reader Notifier I made before. There is nothing new feature from the simpler notifier.

Marisa Kirisame is a character from a doujin old-style shooting game "Toho" series. (I am a huge fan.) Its official site is here.

The feature is the same as the previous notifier; It shows the number of your unread feeds you subscribe at livedoor reader. When you click on the words balloon, it opens livedoor reader with your default browser.

First, enter your livedoor ID from option menu. And you can change the time interval to update the number of unread feeds. Default is 10 min. Also, you can change opacities from option.

Place the gg file into your Google Desktop folder, or any other folder if you like. To execute, just double click it.

The graphic I am using for this Gadget is drawn by motor. Thanks a lot!!


Ver 1.30 (11.11.06) : Now we've got a new bigger graphic as you can see above. You can switch to the older version from menu.

Ver 1.20 (09.05.06) : Opacity can be changed.

Ver 1.10 (08.13.06) : some minor changes( routines when fetching is failed ).

Ver 0.80 (06.15.06) : initially released.