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Google Desktop Hatena Antenna Gadget

Ver1.45 (12.18.06 Updated. )

The introduction avaialble at Google is here.
Google Desktop is here.

This is a Google Gadget lists your Hatena Antenna. Hatena Antenna is one of a web services of Hatena. It notifies you that the sites you added to the antenna is updated or not.

This Gadget simply shows the antenna from the newest site (most recently updated) to old, as your orignal Antenna shows. When you click on a item, it opens the site with your default browser. The updated date is shown through tips.

>First, you need to input your Hatena ID in the option. Otherwise, it shows the sample given by Hatena.

Also, this Gadget can use alert system. After you install this Gadget, enable the alert from config/remove tab at option menu of Google Sidebar.


Ver 1.45 (12.18.06) :

Ver 1.43 (04.23.06) :

Ver 1.42 (04.22.06) :

Ver 1.40 (04.13.06) :

Ver 1.30 (02.25.06) :

Ver 1.20 (02.18.06) :

Ver 1.00 (02.17.06) : initially released.