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Google Desktop Hatena Bookmark Gadget

Ver1.55 (11.29.2006 Updated. )

Ver1.50 (08.29.2006 Updated. )

Ver1.40 (05.05.2006 Updated. )

The introduction avaialble at Google is here.
Google Desktop is here.

It shows a user's social bookmarks registered in Hatena Bookmark. If a bookmark is clicked, it goes up; if it is pinned, it stays at the top of the list.

By default, "hot list" will be displayed. If you don't have a hatena ID, or are not interested in listing your bookmark, default setting is a good idea.

If the userID you input is not available, it does not show anything.

This plugin is made by referring Del.icio.us plugin. So, the basic features are similar to it. Thank Manas Tungare, the author of Del.icio.us plugin.
Since the social bookmark site "Hatena Bookmark" is mainly used by Japanese people, this plugin is essentially made for people who can read Japanese. I am sorry for guys who can't read Japanese, but feel free to ask me by email if you have a question.

History :

Ver 1.50 -> 1.55 (11.29.06)

Ver 1.45 -> 1.50 (08.29.06)

Ver 1.40 -> 1.45 (05.15.06)

Ver 1.30 -> 1.40 (05.05.06)

Ver 1.20 -> 1.30 (04.02.06)

Ver 1.10 -> 1.20

Fixed some garbled strings. Add a button to reset the user ID to the default.

Ver 1.00 -> 1.10

Fixed some garbled characters.