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Google Gadgets Flickr Photo

Ver1.21 (10.06.07 Updated. )

Google Desktop is availableHere.


This gadget doesn't work with Google Desktop Ver3 or earlier versions.

It shows photos uploaded on the Online Photo sharing service Flickr. It fetches a photo classified by a tag, shows it, and changes it constantly.

By double clicking each photo, it opens its relative web page on flickr with your default browser.

You can change: what tag (default is "art"), time interval for shifting to the next photo, time interval for fetching updated photos.

Well, I realize that there are some Gadgets featuring Flickr. You can use this if you prefer. :)

To execute, just run the flickr.gg fie.


Ver 1.21 (10.06.07) :

Ver 1.20 (06.07.07) :

Ver 1.10 (11.23.06) :

Ver 1.00 (10.27.06) :

Ver 0.80 (08.07.06) : initially released.