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Google Desktop check*pad Gadget


Ver 1.30 (07.26.06 updated)

It lists your "todo"s on the web-based Shared Todo list service (in Japanese) check*pad. Google Desktop has todo panel, but it can synchronize with the check*pad. It also can sync "checking" and "unchecking" actions with your todos on the check*pad.

** You must be a user of check*pad. If you are not, sign-up at check*pad. (If you don't mind it's only available in Japanese.) First off, you must setup your ID(email) and password from option menu.

"Refresh" menu can update your todo list immediately. Basically, its sync interval is set as 10 min.
When you click on a item, it opens the site with your default browser.

Current version cannot edit the todo name, add or remove a list.

History :

Ver 1.30 (07.26.06)

Ver 1.0RC (02.01.06) Initially released.