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Google Desktop livedoor Reader Notifier Gadget

Ver0.95 (04.30.06 Updated. )

Google Desktop is available here. (necessary to execute this Gadget)

It shows the number of your unread feeds subscribed atlivedoor Reader.

When you click on it, it opens livedoor Reader with your default browser.

First, setup your livedoor ID from option menu. And you can change the time interval to update the number.(in minutes)

Now you can change your postfix of the window. (option menu)


Ver 0.95 (04.30.06) : can change the panel title, and postfix.(option)

Ver 0.93 (04.28.06) : bug fixed

Ver 0.92 (04.28.06) : bug fixed

Ver 0.90 (04.28.06) : initially released.