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Google Gadget Fastladder Notifier

Ver1.02 (07.13.07 Updated. )

It shows the number of your unread entries of feeds you subscribe at Fastladder. When you click on the words on the screen, it opens Fastladder with your default browser.

First, enter your Fastladder ID from option menu. And you can change the time interval to update the number of unread feeds. Default is 10 min.

To execute, save the gg file anywhere you like and run it, or just run the file directly.

The graphic I am using for this Gadget is drawn by motor. Thanks a lot!!

And, Gameboy Pocket is registered brand by Nintendo.


Ver 1.02 (07.13.07) : minor bug fixed.

Ver 1.01 (07.08.07) : can show unread items on caption(when collapsed).

Ver 1.00 (07.05.07) : initially released.